Creative spiritual development for 16-19 year olds

Rage, Despair and Hope

Rage, despair and hope. Three emotions familiar to most 16-19 year olds – a generation who are angry enough to march with older students in protest over fees, despairing enough to consider ending their lives and hopeful enough to go travelling and see the world. Three emotions that resonate through history – motivating people to action. Three emotions which run as threads through ancient wisdom literature – particularly the biblical story of Job.

22 pieces of art by Si Smith take students through the story, accompanied by an audio narrative, exploring the emotions and events in the story in an accessible and engaging way.

This DVD contains all the art work, along with a wide range of resources to use with your students; games and activities to facilitate personal exploration of the emotions, lesson materials looking at existentialism, wisdom and comparing the story of Job in Christian, Jewish and Islamic texts, and workshops offering a creative response to rage, hope and despair through poetry, art, music, rap and drama. Compiled by Lat Blaylock (Editor, RE Today) and Toni Coulton (Chair, FESTIVE), the resources are suitable for 16-19 year old students in schools, sixth forms and FE Colleges and could be used as a day-long conference, or in a series of sessions over a term.