Creative spiritual development for 16-19 year olds

16-19 Day Conferences

Many schools find the requirement to provide RE for all students in sixth forms problematic and difficult. But others have found that providing the entitlement to beliefs and values work for all sixth form students is richly rewarding. These day conferences offer challenging and enriching curriculum experiences for students in this difficult area.

The conferences can accommodate up to 100 students per day, and might be integrated with key skills programmes, citizenship, induction, core studies or PSHE. It is best not to title them as RE provision. Student evaluation of all these conferences is very positive: enjoyment and shifting attitudes in a positive direction are common. The day events are delivered by Lat Blaylock, of the RE Today staff team.

There are four titles from which to choose:

  • An Evil Day
  • Who needs God in the 21st Century?
  • In the body / out of the body: Body theology for everyone
  • Rage or despair? Exploring hope and despair, rage and activism in the light of ancient wisdom


"These sixth form day conferences have been inspiring for our students and an excellent way of doing RE for all."
Carol Lymn, Head of RE in a Lincolnshire High School


"I did not expect this day would be interesting but it made me think about the root of all evil. It was far more interactive and the discussion times were great."
Lizzie, a 17 year old student in Stratford


All four of these day events have the following characteristics:

  • Focusing on the beliefs and values of the students themselves
  • Including a series of active learning styles, group work and interactive learning strategies: no long lectures.
  • Drawing on the riches of different religious traditions in accessible ways, including Christianity and other faiths represented in your community.
  • Making links with the whole A level and GNVQ curriculum
  • Developing key skills, in line with latest government curriculum guidance for 16-19 students.
  • Using broadcast, TV, film and video, also games, visitors, discussion, the arts and AV.
  • Providing a structured opportunity for students to write about beliefs, values and spirituality for themselves.


To book a conference, please email Lat Blaylock
Booking needs to be made well in advance.
Cost: £600 + expenses